Like the idea of learning to surf, even if you’ve never picked up a surfboard before?

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 Fancy going away to the seaside twice every term with a really cool bunch of people?

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Welcome to the UK’s most landlocked surf club!


With two domestic tours every term, Warwick Surf is here to help you escape from the most central university in the country with sand, surf, and synergy. On top of this, we also offer two foreign tours a year for those in search of more sun, bigger waves and cheaper cocktails!

Every ability is welcome here in Warwick Surf, whether you’re a seasoned pro or even if you’ve never put on a wetsuit before. We have a selection of club boards for those without kit and we’re always willing to give beginners lessons or tips and tricks for anybody wanting to improve.

To keep you in the mood between tours, we have regular Tarp Surfing, Strength & Conditioning, Swimming, Meditation, and Yoga sessions on offer as well as a huge selection of socials including meals, circles, and bar-surfing.

But what are these words, other than ways to convey meaning? See for yourself! Sign up for a tour or come along to a social to get a taste of just how much fun you can have with us.

Peace, Love and Banter,
Warwick Surf xx

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