The Surf Board


joshPresident Josh Cohen 

Fave Pub: The White Horse, Welwyn Garden City

Fave Surf Spot: Croyde, North Devon

The next presidente to honour our club with banter and synergy is Josh Cohen. Starting out as a doe eyed newbie nothing’s changed as he’s progressed through the ranks from Freshest Fresh to seshiest social sec and finally our next king and commander.

Despite his name being Joshua Arthur Cohen or the fact that you are instantly wooed by his velvety annunciation, he remains one of the most down to earth/surf people in the club. This historian will tell you everything about shredding the beautiful blue waves that grace our shores whether you want him to or not (Seriously, don’t ask about longboarding or nose riding, you will never leave). Collecting several fines for surfing on tour you can’t tame this keen bean in the water or at the bar. All rise for your next president.


Vice-PresidentMikey ‘Mike’ Eccleston

Fave Pub: An open one

Fave Surf Spot: Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

Macaroni and cheese. Beer and cider (and blackcurrant). Board and Wax. Cheese and grapes. Wetsuits and horrifying chafe. Yes, some things just come in pairs but not even Questionable banter and Warwick Surf comes close to the bond that the infamous duo Josh Cohen and Mikey Eccleston share. From Social Secs to the leaders of our great institution, they will forever be engrained in our hearts as they are in each other’s when they carry us to victory.
Draped in the waviest garms around it is not hard to spot Mikey as he constantly looks like he has just walked out of a thrift shop, with his furry gillets and little girls nighties it is no wonder that even the former president Kate Mant could not resist his charms. Whether he’s carving up the floor on wheels or on waves it is evident that Mike has some skill despite his advantage of being in two university surf clubs (St Andrews was slightly too far for a day trip to cornwall). This big kid will apparently never leave but don’t worry Mikey has proved he can be responsible this coming year by trading in his edgy top-knot for a subtle and sophisticated buzz-cut to show you he means business.



Treasurer: Nathan ‘The Oyster’ Jones

Fave Pub: Moon Under Water

Fave Surf Spot: Whitesands Bay

Lonathanoking to get lucky? Well lo and behold the answer has been staring at you this whole time! All one needs to do to do the famous dance with no pants is have a Nathan in one of your tent compartments/cupboards/spare beds: is it a smell thing? Is it the mood lighting? All we know is if our resident money counting aphrodisiac is around, someone is getting it on.
Younger than most of our treasurers what Nathan lacks in age he makes up for in the illusion of sophistication with his square glasses and his smart looks. Being an engineer, he is more than capable of solving a few number problems and hopefully building our club up to be the strongest and coolest one in Warwick, or the world.

Mediaharlotte & Communications: Shahloette ‘Herbs’ Hehrbehrt

Fave Pub: Spoons before the price increase

Fave Surf Spot: Fistral Beach, Newquay

Certified Dyspraxic. 2 grapes taller than a midget. Melodramatic performer.
Add all these together with a bit of disproportionate aggression and we have the recipe for the least intimidating exec member surf has ever seen.
But, despite this fact, Charlotte will down a pint of the purple and dance around to some large portions just as keenly as she will paddle out to catch a phat wave.
Armed with a Canon and ninja-like stealth (due to a surplus of shortness), she will be prowling around socials and tours to immortalise you at your muggiest moments. There’s nowhere to hide. Mwah ha haaaa. HA HA HAA. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.



Social Secretary: Bex Middleton

Fave Pub: The Anchor, Cambridge

Fave Surf Spot: Padstow, Cornwall

Bex started her journey on Bucs 2 and quickly became known for her outrageous and scandalous behaviour literally letting everything fly everywhere, and I mean everything, clothes and recycled food alike.
Luckily this former abuser of the M word is only renouncing some of her ways so that she can help to coach the new recruits in the ways of the sesh. Whether painting on a wetsuit for a sick speech or having a casual beer on T-bar Tuesdays there is never a dull moment with this little bubbly ball of energy.
Despite the endless hugs she gives out, her smile is deceptive; you won’t get away with any shenanigans in circle without being drowned in purple. The feisty fresh has become a savage social sec and you better be ready…
The drinking shall prevail.


Social Secretary: Emma ‘CliFFy’ CliFFord

Fave Pub: Turtle Bay

Fave Surf Spot: That wet bit after the beach

Much akin to how her red namesake just kept growing, this year Cliffy’s commitment to Surf has grown to terrifying levels. It was evident from the start that she was destined to be a leader of sessioning, for her, no feat was too great… turning up to a social with a literal bucket of Purple, hence combining our two great loves, before whacking the whole thing was the stuff of legend. (well, near enough it was a huge bucket)
The fact that means she will be even greater for the role is due to her love of GIN. If you’re going to be a member it is a necessity, yet Cliffy takes this passion to a new level; which has seen her demonstrate her full social sec potential by doing what surf does best. SESH.




sadieCharities & Events: Sadie ‘First Lady’ Hallett

Fave Pub: Ship Inn, Porthleven

Fave Surf Spot: Gwithian, Cornwall

Joining surf this year at the first Bucs of the season Sadie quickly burrowed into our hearts and Josh Cohen’s. Being the sweetheart of Warwick Surf, it is no wonder that she claimed the title of charities rep to spite us all and put us all to shame. Deceptive as her appearance may seem though, behind those big green eyes lies a not so innocent fighting machine that tackled enemies to the death all in the name of victory/blood lust. Otherwise known as, the charity rugby tournament. In seeing this enthusiastic and energetic loss it is clear that her determination can’t be wavered. Watch out for a fierce fundraising campaign next year and stay out of her way on the field. You have been warned.

fionaTraining & Equipment: Fiona ‘Fiona’ Jackson 

*Former Fave Pub: Satchwells, Leamington

Fave Surf Spot: Zarautz, Spain

We have some alarming news for you ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you sit down for this one; Warwick Surf is actually a sports club.
Despite our mild drinking problem, Fiona has taken on the challenge of motivating our members to do some exercise (Bluergh). Don’t be alarmed however, as a fully trained afflete and a certified word wizard from her role as media and comms, she is perfectly suited to convincing you that yes, you do want to finish that push up and maybe you should leave that pint until after the circuit. Trust me, you will thank her for it later when you can actually cruise out past the white water and even pop up.

If it’s a wetsuit on your back or a board under your feet Fiona will be running around to fit all your needs. As well as surfing, she’s famous for both manic dancing and occasionally slipping back into a cringey pun, she’s a barrel of laughs.

Foreign Tour: Tom ‘The Tank*’ Hankins

Fave Pub: T-Bar during exams

Fave Surf Spot: Hell’s Mouth, Abersoch

Watching Tom over the period of our summer tour in Portugal it is understandable why he was named the next foreign tour sec. From day drinking to late night partying it is clear he loves a beverage or 9, as much as he loves a good clean break. So keen, in fact, he actually considered surfing (YES SURFING) on a particularly arctic domestic tour for at least 10 minutes before joining everyone else in Spoons.

Being the legend that he is, Tom turned up to handovers with a slight hangover and was ruthlessly punished for it. Is it fair to say that you will never be bored with this sesh gremlin but may never sleep either? Then again, you can sleep when you’re dead.

*Tom did not get this name because he gyms but because he loves trains.

MeRchandise: Stevie Barrett

Fave Pub: Dirty Duck

Fave Surf Spot: Hunstanton, Norfolk

To be in Stevie’s brain would both be mind boggling and completely terrifying. To give you an example of what to expect from our new Merch Man, the top he bought on foreign tour was a pretty dope tee from a tattoo shop of another guy with tattoos wearing a dope tee. Confused? Amazed? That’s Stevie in a nutshell.

The weird and cheeky chap is perhaps one of the most baffling of the bunch: a baby with a beard, an old man that surfs, a stinking drunk who actually manages to stay on top of his degree. He defies the laws of man and still stands to ask the question, if you start walking on the wrong foot, is it a flip flop or a flop flip?