If you’re a multi-talented sportsman or just want to have a laugh whilst wearing trainers, then Snurf sports may well be the thing for you! Partnering up with our wintery extreme sports friends Warwick Snow, Snurf is the name of the funnest and most banterous sports team in any inter-mural sports league or charity tournament on campus. Known more for our short shorts and phenomenal on-field chat, Snurf is a great way to get together with your mates for some sporting action and who knows even some success, we’ve been known to win tournaments before.



Terms 1 and 2  soccer

The first two terms of the year is the time for the Snurf football team to compete in the Sunday university football league. 11-a-side games with 30 minutes a half are played on the Tarkett astroturf pitch up by Westwood. This is quite a relaxed affair however it gets as competitive as you’d expect a university Sunday league to get, so bring your best game and your best banter and remember it’s not the winning that counts but it is nice!

Terms 1 and 2 have also previously included included a charity netball competition, 5-a-side football tournament, the campus run-swim-row challenge and a Channel swim relay.



Term 3 baseball

Term 3 sees the sun poke its shy head out from a winter of rest and that can only mean one thing. Snurf Summer Sports! Snurf enters the cricket, rounders and floorball (yes, it’s a great sport) leagues and enters the annual rugby 7’s tournament and mini tennis tournament. If any of that floats your boat make sure you get involved, nothing beats exam stress like tackling a stranger!

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